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2020 - 2021


WEBelieve members on the collegiate level are given access to ongoing leadership training as well as the tools and resources to successfully develop a chapter on their college campus. Members are taught classroom best practices, crisis management, budgeting, programming skills and more. The first semester of developing a chapter on your college campus will be dedicated to leadership training, preparing to develop the middle school program and connecting with other chapters across the nation.

Women Everywhere Believe is now accepting twenty college leaders for their 2020 - 2021 Leadership Cohort.

Step into your leadership potential, connect with thousands of women leaders and inspire the next generation of civic and corporate women leaders. 


April 30th, 2020

One of the many benefits of developing a chapter is the opportunity to attend the annual HERLegacy Conference in NYC and connect with like-minded career women from multiple fields. Through panels and programming, you get the opportunity to enhance your leadership skills while networking with corporate women of color. In addition, you have a network of college women at your fingertips to consult with any chapter questions and advice. 

During the Spring semester, the middle school program will begin and you will have the opportunity to mold the minds of future leaders and provide them the tools to navigate their world. Through Women Everywhere Believe's unique curriculum, your chapter will inspire young girls of color and teach them important topics such as financial literacy, identifying core values, developing leadership styles, and more. 


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